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We offer client consultancy, project and planning management, process and construction management, working environment planning, safety management, process management, contract- and cost management and more.

"We offer consulting and contribute with industry-relevant experience, which competitors simply cannot match."

We employ the most talented in the industry

Our consultants have extensive experience within pharma, which is why MedKon is the right partner to handle and solve your assigments.

Milan Kronborg, Partner
Administrative director

Telephone: +45 20 11 06 26

Imogen Ellenger, Partner
Head of Office

Telephone: +45 93 89 47 74

Jonas Petersen, Partner
Recruitment & Sales

Telephone: +45 21 89 13 96

Morten Reiff, Partner
Head of Construction Management

Telephone: +45 93 90 16 03

Construction consultancy

With our consulting, we equip you to manage your building projects are completed correctly and timely. We are a trusted partner in construction projects, that require high quality control.

  • Project management
  • Construction monitoring
  • Budget management
  • Quality control
  • Health and safety management
  • Facility Management

Project Management

With MedKon at the helm, we ensure that your project is managed with an expert overview and hard-earned experience. We often find that we solve problems in advance, that would have arisen at later stages of projects.

  • Project management
  • Environmental management
  • Risk management
  • Quality control
  • Budget management
  • Project assessment

Work environment

Ensuring a correct working environment, is key when optimizing safety and efficiency in production. We offer our best learnings and principles, for a good working environment.

  • Workplace assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Education and training
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Safety programs
  • Compliance with legislation


We want to put together the right people and projects. Therefore, please send your CV if you are interested - even if they may Posted positions do not match your profile perfectly. Perhaps the right project for your profile will appear at a later stage.